The deadline for proposals was:
13 January 1999
The deadline for publication materials (text and images) was:
23 February 1999
The deadline for final contributor requirements is:
23 June 1999
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These pages contain valuable information for those who have received a letter stating that their submitted work has been accepted into the Electronic Schoolhouse for SIGGRAPH 99. 


Contributor Responsibilities
Please remember these important conditions:
1. No contributor-supplied signage, including corporate or donor signage, will be displayed in the Electronic Schoolhouse.
2. No contributor will provide literature or handouts, including corporate sales flyers, donor information, or other materials inside the Electronic Schoolhouse.
3. You must accept travel and housing responsibility for you and your staff who attend SIGGRAPH 99.
4. Playground: You must accept responsibility for shipping all equipment necessary to operate your project to and from the Los Angeles Convention Center.
5. Classroom: You must communicate your session's presentation requirements to Speaker Preparation Services.
If you are unwilling or unable to comply with these conditions, please contact us immediately.

Your submission will be documented in the Conference Abstracts and Applications. This publication consists of a beautifully printed four-color catalog and an accompanying CD-ROM. The information and images that will be used in the publication were those sent in with your submission unless we received updated information from you. If you have any questions about publication information, get in touch with your primary contact:

Your primary contact was listed in your acceptance letter. If you do not know this information, email the Electronic Schoolhouse at
Authors of accepted submissions may submit supplemental material for the Conference Abstracts & Applications CD-ROM. Supplemental material -- images, MPEG and QuickTime animations, etc. -- is intended to enhance the presentation of the submission documented in the print publication. Information on preparing and submitting supplemental material is available online.

Equipment and Speaker Preparation
Classroom ONLY
Arrangements for equipment outside the standard session equipment are the sole responsibility of presenters. You must communicate your session's presentation requirements to Speaker Preparation Services.
We strongly recommend that you rehearse your presentation and hardware setup. There is a full standard classroom session setup room available through Speaker Prep for this purpose. You will receive information via email about signing up for a rehearsal time. See Speaker Preparation Services.
For more information during SIGGRAPH 99, contact Steve Overby in the Speaker Prep Room at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Prior to the conference:
Steve Overby
SIGGRAPH 99 Speaker Prep Coordinator
AVW Audio Visual, Inc.
4201 South Congress, Suite 316
Austin, Texas 78745 USA
+1.512.371.0214 fax
Workshop ONLY
The workshop will be equipped with NT machines. Except for common software packages, software will be the sole responsibility of the contributor.
Playground ONLY
The online Submission & Authorization Form provided a box for your technology requirements, to give contractors a rough idea of your electrical and network requirements. This DOES NOT mean that equipment will be provided by SIGGRAPH 99. As we stated in the Call for Participation, arrangements for equipment outside the standard session room set-up are the sole responsibility of presenters. The Classroom is a standard session room. The Playground is not.
In the Playground, SIGGRAPH 99 will provide:

Floor space, floor covering, and furnishings within a designed space
Electrical service and lighting, as appropriate
Standard ethernet connection to GraphicsNet
Descriptive signage for your work
Donor recognition for your sponsoring companies. Please see the SIGGRAPH 99 Donor Recognition Policy.
Insurance for equipment brought into the convention center (including donated equipment). Please see Insurance Coverage requirements and information.
If you are ONLY submitting a videotape or image files of your students' work as your Playground contribution, SIGGRAPH 99 will provide the equipment to display them at no charge to you.
If your exhibit requires that your computers must be networked to each other, you will need to provide a hub. Hubs can also be rented.
Software will be the responsibility of the contributor.

Contributor Recognition
Recognition is offered to contributors as a token of appreciation for work performed or contributions to the conference. See Contributor Recognition.

Registration and Travel Information
SIGGRAPH 99 does not provide reimbursement for travel or housing expenses. Please email your primary contact for information about conference registration and hotel reservations.

Donor Recognition
SIGGRAPH 99 believes that it is important to thank corporate donors and to make attendees aware of the donors' support of the conference. All recognition offered by SIGGRAPH 99 is to acknowledge and thank donors and does not serve as reimbursement for support or as a trade for registration or access to the conference or specific programs or events in return for donations.
Organizations that loan equipment or donate cash and/or services to SIGGRAPH 99 or to its contributors, prior to or during the conference, are acknowledged as follows:
The name of the donating organization is printed as acknowledgement in the SIGGRAPH 99 Program and Buyer's Guide and on the donor recognition banner (which is hung prominently in the convention center).
Each donor receives a personalized thank-you letter from SIGGRAPH 99 after the conference.
Standard-sized signs, approved and produced by SIGGRAPH 99, may be displayed on donated equipment to acknowledge the use of equipment, at the discretion of the SIGGRAPH 99 Conference Chair.
Possible acknowledgement on the SIGGRAPH 99 Web site.

All of our deadlines between now and the conference are very tight. Please help us by communicating your needs and questions early.
Again, congratulations. We are looking forward to working with you to make the Panels program a success!


Jodi Giroux, Anne Richardson, Jill Smolin
SIGGRAPH 99 Electronic Schoolhouse Co-Chairs


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