Index of Indifference

Ying Gao. Assistants: Anne-Marie Durand-Laflamme & Isabelle Giroux

Inspired by interactive opinion surveys, this project is a study of clothing structure. The data used to create the shirts were mathematically complied and manipulated. Online interactive opinion surveys are a growing phenomenon. I am amazed by the number of Internet users who vote daily that they are “indifferent” about political, economic or cultural issues. Using Lingo, I complied and manipulated statistical data concerning this neutrality in order to modify the basic structure of a man’s shirt. Data was complied over the course of four weeks and was used daily to alter the entire pattern: the angle of the collar, the length of the pocket, the depth of the folds, etc. The unconventional structure of the shirts designed in this manner “reflect” our indifferences relating to certain social questions.