Walking City

Ying Gao, Simon Laroche. Assistants: Anne-Marie Durand-Laflamme, Isabelle Giroux & Annie Hebert

The aim of Walking City was to create dresses that would respond to their physical and acoustical environments. Each garment was connected to a pneumatic system that allowed air to enter and exit; this system paced the garment’s “breathing” and analysed the movements and sounds the wearer produced. The garment’s physical changes were achieved through fluctuations in the volume of air and designs applying the method known as origami or the art of folding paper. This mathematical method combines paper folding and cutting techniques, and can be used to create objects that can be transformed into a variety of shapes. Using this fascinating medium - air - as inspiration, the intention was to give aesthetic form to the ethereal by creating garments far removed from the idea of lifesaving, and closer to playfulness and the concept of allurement. http://www.cavaaller.blogspot.com/