“Peau d’Âne”

Valérie Lamontagne, Lynn Van Gastel, Patrice Coulombe, David Beaulieu & Brad Todd

In the Charles Perrault fairy tale “Peau d’Âne” a young princess, whose stepfather’s riches are dependant on his gold excreting donkey, orders the impossible from her doting father in order to avoid having to marry him: three dresses made of immaterial materials: the sun, moon and sky. The aim of the project “Peau d’Âne” is to incarnate these “impossible” dresses in a material form. A weather antenna culls live weather data, which transforms the dresses, reflecting the changing barometric characteristics of sky, moon and sun in real-time.

The “Moon” dress display changing colour patterns based on the 28-day cycle of the moon. Thermochromic painted flowers embroidered with resistive silver threads change colours based on the moon’s transformative phases.