Daniela Kostova, Galina Kumanova & Olivia Robinson

Daniela Kostova (b. 1974) is a Bulgarian artist living in the USA. Her work takes the form of single and multi-channel video installation, performance and documentary. It addresses issues of geography and cultural representation, the production and crossing of socio-cultural borders, and the uneasy process of translation and communication. Daniela’s works are exhibited internationally. Galina Kumanova is a Bulgarian fashion designer based in Sofia. She is experimenting with various materials such as paper and light sensitive fabrics. Her works combines fashion with performance and her clothes are often shown as objects and in multimedia installations. Olivia Robinson is a digital artist, weaver, and sculptor living in upstate New York. She views installation and performance as mediums for connections between people and communities across boundaries and history. Her current work uses inflatable architecture and video to resurrect and explore local histories.