Monday Aug 6, 2007 8:30PM
The Chapters Party
‘On Broadway’

615 Broadway
San Diego, CA

Welcome to Unravel 2007, a living exhibition of fashion. We invite you to experience these works of design in a salon style format merging the embodied excitement of the runway with the interactivity of an exhibition to celebrate designers who are seeking to redefine the notion of ‘wearable.’

In the increasingly mobile nature of contemporary life, the devices we carry and the garments we wear are converging into a ‘secondary skin’ which functions as an extension of ourselves, in both ability and perception. By using fashion, a medium which has always been associated with self-expression and personal identity, these designers seek to demonstrate how the use (or misuse) of technology and its modes of production have the power to stimulate, delight, and inspire in ways as yet untapped in the fashion world.

Gone are the stereotypical bulky cyborg devices; what has emerged are garments of beauty, subtlety and elegance in form. Some bring to light important social issues — redefining our notions of personal space, mobility, the environment, and issues of privacy and protection. Others relish in pure delight, reminding us how technology has the power to enhance our personal relationships and celebrate fantasy, narrative, and play as part of the human condition. Not all of the garments have embedded ‘technology’ - some are the outgrowth of the scientific and technological trends that are expanding the creative process by which we produce fashion, while others reflect how our evolving relationship and reliance on technology is changing the garments we desire. Together these designs demonstrate the delicacy and intricacy of craft which emerges when technological augmentation becomes one with the body.