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This web site is updated often. Major new sections will be added several times between now and 30 July 2006, when SIGGRAPH 2006 convenes in Boston.

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Call for Participation
Complete details on how to submit your work to SIGGRAPH 2006.

Invitation to Exhibit
Why SIGGRAPH 2006 delivers rewarding ROI, and complete details on how to reserve your exhibit space.


Art Gallery
All artists and works.

Birds of a Feather
List of all topics, organizers, and times.

Tutorials, hands-on workshops, classes and who's presenting them.

Computer Animation Festival
Complete list of works accepted for the Electronic Theater and the Animation Theaters.

Educators Program
Forums, papers, panels, workshops, and details on who's presenting what.

Educators: Posters & Student Research Competition
Complete details.

Emerging Technologies
Projects, presentations, details (text and visual) on seriously surprising tech.

Exhibitor Tech Talks
Complete schedule of topics and speakers for exhibitor presentations.

Keynote Address/Awards
This year's keynote speaker and award recipients.

Topics and panelists.

Complete list of authors and titles.

All posters and presenters.

Online registration for SIGGRAPH 2006.

Special Sessions
Presenters and topics.

All presenters and topics.

Teapot Exhibit
Complete details.

Travel & Housing
Online hotel reservations, list of official SIGGRAPH 2006 hotels. Online air-travel reservations.
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