Computer Hood & Public/Private

Joe Malia

The Computer Hood facilitates an amplified engagement between user and their preferred technology. It secludes the person inside in a digital enclosure where the outside world is a memory and attention is undivided. Those enjoying this hooded sanctity can relegate communicative interactions with the outside world to nothing more than an ‘on demand’ service. People outside are encouraged to ‘SPEAK’ towards a marked area on the back of the hood. Anything they say will be recorded and saved as an audio file on the computer desktop for perusal at the computer users leisure. 

It’s a hooded top you can stretch over the computer. Completely soundproof. Black lycra lining in the tunnel blocks out light. Latex grips hold it to the monitor. A retractable USB cable can be pulled from the front and plugged into the computer allowing sound to travel to speakers embedded in the hood. A voice activated microphone is embedded in the back of the head that records audio from the outside world and saves it as mp3 files in a folder on the desktop. A zip on the underside of the tunnel can be opened so you can see the keyboard/mouse.