I Heart Switch

Alison Lewis
Fang-Yu Lin

What makes the SWITCH objects so special is that they are easy for people to create themselves. Iheartswitch.com focuses on integrating design concepts and methods into the creation of usable and fun electronic projects. It is not your Mama’s craft show baby; SWITCH is hip, modern and intelligent. At SWITCH we hope that by empowering people to design it themselves they not only get a great product butget inspired by design and electronics.

(1) Shiny Purse is urban yet urbane. A laced light panel illuminates the interior of this stylish clutch purse when opened. No more flipping and dropping so you can keep your queenly composure. It also lends light to the exterior of the purse, revealing sexy message or illustration.

(2) Boom Box Beach Bag is a cute converted tote bag with removable snap-in/snap-out speakers. Simply plug in your iPod or any portable audio player to share your music with a close few or a crowd wherever you go. Talk about causing a scene!

(***) Attached to the bags are the Lovie Circuit Plush Charms Lovie Circuits are a simple circuit put into plushie dolls that have light up hearts when together. They are designed for those who want to express the unity and individuality of their relationship with illuminated joy. No two Lovies are alike because each one is hand crafted. Lovie Circuits can be made tiny for a key chain or large enough to hug. When couples meet, their Lovies are joined through magnetic attraction and show their union through synchronized light.