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Games & Interactive Techniques Virtual RealityDeveloping Efficient Graphics Software
level 10
This course covered architecture, algorithms, and analysis used to create and measure high-performance interactive graphics software. it began with a general discussion of the interaction among CPUs, bus, memory, and graphics subsystems and followed with a detailed analysis of graphics subsystems and the OpenGL pipeline. It continued with a discussion of general C and C++ language optimization techniques, including analysis methods for characterizing graphics and system performance, and detecting bottlenecks. It concluded with a survey of software algorithms and techniques for interactive graphics applications.

Working knowledge of software development in C/C++, computer graphics techniques, and overall computer system architecture. Designed for the software developer who wants to optimize graphics and system performance.

Interaction among CPUs, bus, memory, and graphics subsystems; general C and C++ optimization techniques; methods used to measure performance; current algorithms and techniques for large-scale graphics applications.

Keith Cok

Keith Cok
Roger Corron
Bob Kuehne
Thomas True


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