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May 2000
Vol.34 No.2

Web3D RoundUp: Looking Backwards and Forwards

More than two dozen articles exploring the current use of graphics on the Web.

February 2000
Vol.34 No.1

New Visualization Techniques

"As the decade progresses, the visualization field will become of increasing relevance and importance - and not just to the scientific community."

November 1999
Vol.33 No.4

Applications of Computer Vision to Computer Graphics

"IBR, vision for interaction, motion editing and capture, camera tracking and stabilization are all examples of this exciting fusion."

August 1999
Vol.33 No.3

Presenting Visual Information Responsibly

"We have a small focus section this quarter, and a special report from the first Joint European Commission/National Science Foundation Advanced Research Workshop."

May 1999
Vol.33 No.2

Focus on Columns

"Come and take a look at our expanded columns. This quarter we let columnists have more space."

February 1999
Vol.33 No.1

Non-Photorealistic Rendering

"Explore the expressive future of non-photorealistic rendering, as artists learn to emote through their use of computer graphics."

November 1998
Vol.32 No.4

Interaction in 3D Graphics

"Surrounded by all the stunning graphics and animations created by the SIGGRAPH community, it is all too easy to forget about interaction and input. Yet, at SIGGRAPH’s inception, interaction was a key part of its charter."

August 1998
Vol.32 No.3

SIGGRAPH 25th Conference Celebration

"The SIGGRAPH history project was initiated to commemorate SIGGRAPH’s 25th conference."

May 1998
Vol.32 No.2

Computer Gaming and Graphics

"These more than 25 years of game development, right up through the modern era of ever-flashier 3D, have left a fascinating history that is worth exploring."

February 1998
Vol.32 No.1

A Forward-Looking Retrospective

"A number of highly skilled and experienced professionals share with you some of their insights into the last 25 years of computer graphics, and some of their speculations about its future."

November 1997
Vol.31 No.4

The State of Fine Art

"A focus on fine arts, with an emphasis on the integration of content and technology."