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ACM SIGGRAPH Project Grants Final Report

Project: project title here
Proj ect Lead: your name here
Date: today's date


Place a brief overall statement about the project, its purpose, its accomplishments, and its future to guide the audience into the report. (2-3 paragraphs max)

Key images (1-2) would fit here nicely, too.


This section is a more detailed statement about the reasons for undertaking the project. It should include things like:

  • project goals
  • success objectives (any results that help define the success of the project at completion)
  • critical insights or other context (example - this project was completed in conjunction with another organization because of ....)

This section helps answer the "why" of the project.

This section should also describe how the project supports elements of the ACM SIGGRAPH's Strategic Plan for the organization and community. Excerpts from the original proposal are fine here.


This is where the overview and details of how the project was planned and implemented. Important things to consider including are:

  • key people and their roles
  • project resources (what did you use, borrow, or solicit to get work done)
  • timelines (any key dates, deadlines, or generally notions of how long this took)
  • logistical issues (what major problems did your project have to solve?)
  • pointers or references (for example books, articles, URLs from the Internet, etc.)
  • any other details that might be useful to other projects working along the same line (or people who might have to support your work later)

Images, artwork, or other elements of your planning can go here, too.

Please include your initial budget estimate (from your proposal) in this section.


This section covers the key outcomes of your work including:

  • major successes
  • comments or evaluation of your work against the success goals that you gave in the Purpose section (are you satisfied with how it turned out and why)
  • future plans or recommendations to carry on the work
  • feedback, rave reviews, etc.
  • significant surprises or unanticipated issues
  • other insights

Images from any work (such as installations or other pointers) can go here, too.

Please include your actual budget expenditures (how you actually spent your resources, both the Project Grant's contribution and any other funds) here.


An optional brief statement from the project lead - would you do this again and why?


Please include any additional information here such as:

  • internal documentation
  • promotional materials
  • plans
  • outlines
  • important correspondence
  • spreadsheets
  • images
  • personnel lists with contact information
  • donors
  • etc.


Key individuals, organizations, donors, etc. who helped support the project should go here.

Promo Summary

This is a brief paragraph summary that encapsulates the project description and results for use in promotion of the project (such as on our website).

Should not be more than two short paragraphs.

This template is only a guideline. Please feel free to add sections as appropriate to your work.

The length of this report will vary with project. Essential elements include your summary, the project budget, successes as they contribute to the ACM SIGGRAPH organization, and critical advice or recommendations for future reviewers of your work.


This template last updated: 19 February 2002 by John Fujii

Nan Schaller, ACM/SIGGRAPH Project Grants Chair

Last updated: March 15, 2002