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ACM SIGGRAPH Membership and Membership Benefits

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ACM SIGGRAPH Membership Plans
Why should I join ACM SIGGRAPH?
Online Access to past SIGGRAPH Proceedings
Online Access to the Computer Graphics Quarterly
Obtaining an email address at
Obtaining an email address at


ACM SIGGRAPH is a non-profit, volunteer organization providing world-wide and year-round programs for the computer graphics community. The values that we are organized around are those we have found to define the SIGGRAPH community:

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Volunteerism
  • Cross-disciplinary Interaction
Our programs attempt to serve the various parts of this community, and reach out to other communities, to benefit all of us by promoting contact and information exchange.

If you believe in our values and believe that our programs can help the SIGGRAPH community, please help us continue to be an effective organization by joining or better yet volunteering for an ACM SIGGRAPH-sponsored conference, chapter, or other event. Thanks for visiting our site.

ACM SIGGRAPH Membership Plans

To join ACM SIGGRAPH, choose one of the following three membership plans.

ACM SIGGRAPH Membership $27
ACM SIGGRAPH Membership for current full-time students $20
ACM SIGGRAPH Membership for current members of the Eurographics Association $20

In addition, you can choose to add to your ACM SIGGRAPH membership any of the following:

  • purchase of the publications from the annual SIGGRAPH conference
  • purchase of ACM SIGGRAPH Member Plus publications from other co-sponsored conferences and workshops
  • membership in the ACM, ACM SIGGRAPH's parent organization covering a range of computingtopics

For full details on ACM SIGGRAPH Membership or to join online, click here. Students and current Eurographics members should also visit to join online.


Online Access to SIGGRAPH Proceedings

All ACM SIGGRAPH members have access to the SIGGRAPH portion of the content in the ACM Digital Library (including the proceedings of the SIGGRAPH annual conferences). In order to obtain access to these materials, you need to:

  1. Set up an account based on your ACM SIGGRAPH membership number at
  2. Make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.
  3. Go to proceedings/series/siggraph/.
  4. Browse to the year and paper that you're interested in.
  5. If you see a paper you'd like to read, click on "Full Text". When the login panel pops up, enter the username and password for the account you set up in Step 1.
  6. For SIGGRAPH content, you will have full access to the material in PDF form. For non-SIGGRAPH content, you will have access only to the bibliographic material. If you're interested in a full subscription to the larger ACM Digital Library collection, go to
  7. Questions or problems? Contact the ACM Member Services Help Desk.

Computer Graphics Quarterly

All members can access the Computer Graphics Quarterly online here. Unless you chose the electronic-only option, you should also receive a printed copy via mail. If you're having any problems with your mailing address,or would like to change your electronic-only status, contact ACM Membership Services at

Email addresses at

To get a permanent, personalized email address at, please enter a help request and indicate:

  • your ACM SIGGRAPH membership number
  • the email address you would prefer
  • the email address to which mail should be forwarded.
  • If your address is available, you should get a confirmation within a week. Please allow longer, since this is a manual operation at this time and the volunteer staff are sometimes traveling.
Should you need to update the address to which your email is forwarded, please enter a help request with the above information plus the old email address you had been having your mail forwarded to.

Email addresses at

To get a permanent, personalized email address at, follow these instructions.

  1. Go to the site and create an account using your ACM SIGGRAPH membership number.
  2. Go to the 'manage your account' page and select the option for setting up your email address.

Discounts on conferences, publications, and videos

When registering for a qualifying conference, or purchasing ACM SIGGRAPH publications and videos, indicate your ACM SIGGRAPH membership number in order to activate the discount.

Leo Hourvitz, Website Volunteer
Last modified: July, 2002