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Computer Animation Festival

Different Themes
Stuart Sharpe
The third in a series of digital collages based on true stories.

Homer3: The Simpsons 1995 Halloween Special
Pacific Data Images, Inc.
The first traditional 2D character brought to life in 3D for television, plus inside jokes that poke fun at the history of computer animation.

Will Vinton Studios
M&M characters hold their breath in order to turn blue, then exhale and return to their normal colors.


Virtual Neandertals
Paul F. Neumann
Creation of a series of new, photorealistic images of a Neandertal "family."

If All the World's a Stage: The Impact of Global Illumination on the Entertainment and Architectural Lighting Art
Robert Shakespeare
A demonstration of the practical benefits of integrating still and interactive photo-accurate images into the entertainment and architectural lighting design process.

Animations from NASA's Exploration of Outer Space: Use of Computer Graphics with Satellite Data
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Using computer graphics techniques to display data in a form that can convey more meaning to the general public and the scientific community.

Digital Bayou

Virtual New Orleans
Planet 9 Studios
In this VRML Web site, viewers walk (or fly) down actual New Orleans streets.

Virtual Lepidoptera
Blue Morpho Productions
In a full-immersion, stereoscopic VR presentation, over 350 beautiful species of butterflies from all over the world fly around you in a natural setting.

Plasm: Yer Mug
Silicon Graphics, Inc.
A seething artificial-life community behind the looking glass lines up to track and interpret the life forms that inhabit our side of the mirror.

Digital Dixieland
Amy Jo Kim
A location-based example of what an online musical/social experience might look and sound like in the near future.

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