New in 96

Every SIGGRAPH 96 program and event included many new, fascinating, thought-provoking experiences. And some of them were totally new -- never experienced before at a SIGGRAPH conference, or anywhere else.

SIGGRAPH 96 Online Registration

SIGGRAPH conference registration was online for the first time this year.

Expedited Credentials

New in 96: two-day FedEx shipment of conference credentials. This service was available for all attendees except Exhibits Plus registrants who did not purchase merchandise with their registration form.

Career Center

Registered attendees were invited to mail at least two copies of their résumés to SIGGRAPH 96 for posting in up to seven categories. At SIGGRAPH 96, registered attendees reviewed job postings and asked the Career Center staff to give résumés to specific employers. Organizations interested in posting job listings in the SIGGRAPH 97 Career Center should send email to to request posting requirements.

New Orleans

The first SIGGRAPH conference in New Orleans! Attendees, exhibitors, and contributors reserved plenty of time to enjoy the rich variety of New Orleans cuisine, music, cultures, and activities. For complete information on New Orleans attractions, contact:

Greater New Orleans Tourist & Convention Commission, Inc.
1520 Sugar Bowl Drive
New Orleans, Louisiana 70112 USA

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