Panels are the forum for discussing emerging technologies, debating technical and creative controversies, and sharing diverse viewpoints. This year, the Panels Committee selected 17 panels and one special session for presentation at SIGGRAPH 96.

Many of the panels presented at SIGGRAPH 96 highlighted the role of networking and telecommunications in computer graphics. A number of the sessions pondered the World Wide Web and its implications for developing and presenting content.

The hardware community was represented by two well-attended sessions. They were: Graphics PCs will put Workstation Graphics in the Smithsonian and Imaging Features in Advanced Computer Graphics Architectures. Virtual reality, visualization, advanced television, and animation were also hot topics covered in the SIGGRAPH 96 panels program. Public policy and social issues that affect the computer graphics community were also addressed. The special highlight of the SIGGRAPH 96 Panels Program was the Friday noon session: Springing into the Fifth Decade of Computer Graphics: Where We've Been and Where We're Going, a "dream team" discussion that attracted astanding-room-only crowd.

We hope you find as much joy in reviewing this program as we experienced in producing it!

The SIGGRAPH 96 Panels Committee developed and shaped this program. We are also genuinely indebted to the panel organizers for submitting great panel proposals and to the panelists for their contributions.

Theresa-Marie Rhyne
SIGGRAPH 96 Panels Chair

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SIGGRAPH 97 Call for Participation - Panels

Advanced Television for the United States: Status and Issues

Breaking the Myth: One Picture is NOT (Always) Worth a Thousand Words

Building Compelling VRML Worlds

Cognition, Perception, and Experience in the Virtual Environment: Do You See What I See?

Digital Stunt Doubles: Safety Through Numbers

Global Multi-User Virtual Environments

Graphics PCs Will Put Workstation Graphics in the Smithsonian

How Can SIGGRAPH Be More Effective in Promoting Computer Graphics?

Imaging Features in Advanced Computer Graphics Architectures

Issues in Networking for Entertainment, Graphics, and Data

Live Computer Animation

Roundtable: Art on the Web, the Web as Art

Special Session
Springing into the Fifth Decade of Computer Graphics: Where We've Been and Where We're Going

The Future of Virtual Reality: Head-Mounted Displays Versus Spatially Immersive Displays

The Soul of the Machine: The Search for Spirituality in Cyberspace

Virtual Reality and Mental Disorders

VRML: Prelude and Future

Webbed Spaces: Between Exhibition and Network

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