Fundamentals Seminar
An essential, accessible introduction to computer graphics jargon, concepts, techniques, and technologies. The perfect orientation for novices on the fast track.

Behind the Scenes
The SIGGRAPH 96 Computer Animation Festival Committee reviewed, explained, and answered questions about how material was chosen for this year's Electronic Theater.

Keynote Address/Award
SIGGRAPH 96 keynote speaker Douglas Adams reviewed the future of the galaxy. The 1996 Computer Graphics Achievement Award was presented to Marc Levoy for his pioneering work in volume rendering, a technique for displaying sampled data without first creating an intermediate surface representation.

In a series of social events, SIGGRAPH 96 attendees, exhibitors, and contributors initiated or revisited SIGGRAPH rumors and legends, exchanged introductions and insights, and sampled the legendary New Orleans music and cuisine.

Birds of a Feather
Impromptu gatherings scheduled at any time, to discuss any subject.

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