Theory-into-practice presentations that illustrate how computer graphics theory generates everyday, real-world solutions.

Applications Committee | SIGGRAPH 97 Call for Participation - Sketches

A Flock of Words: Real Time Animation and Video Controlled by Algorithmic Music Analysis

AAPE: Advanced 3D Acquisition, Analysis, Presentation, and Exchange Addressing Biological Complexity

Animation and Imaging for Litigation Support

Animations from NASA's Exploration of Outer Space: Use of Computer Graphics with Satellite Data

Clinical Application of Computer Graphics for Design and Delivery of Conformal Radiation Therapy

Computer Applications of the Visible Human Dataset

Creating an Interactive Catalog for an Art College

Data Visualization of Geophysical and Oceanographic Data at the Naval Oceanograpic Office

Digital Architecture: From Digital Images to Virtual Walkthrough and Automated Model-Making

Distributed Scientific Visualization of Ocean Models

FreeWalk: Supporting Casual Meetings in a Network

FlyThru The Boeing 777

If All the World's a Stage: The Impact of Global Illumination on the Entertainment and Architectural Lighting Art

Interactive Visualization for Operational High-Resolution Weather Forecasting at the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games

Life Forms: An Application of Computer Graphics to Support Dance Choreography

MaxHeadRoom of the 21st Century: Producing Realistic Talking Head Animations Using the Actors System

Real-Time Responsive Synthetic Dancers and Musicians

SCIRun: Applying Interactive Computer Graphics to Scientific Problems

Simulation of Human Flow in Architectural Spaces with Particle Systems

Terminator 2-3D

The Remembering: An Interactive CDPlus Application

Virtual Neandertals

Visualization of Earth and Space Science Data at JPL's Science Data Processing Section

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