Artist/Designer Sketches

Sketches were a tremendous success this year. Attendance was up by about 100 percent over last year, a sure sign that sketches are coming of age and becoming part of the mainstream in the annual SIGGRAPH conference.

Artist/Designer Sketches were well attended and had a wonderful lineup of speakers and content. These events typically had between 100 and 200 attendees, with very informal and lively audience-speaker interaction.

Don't miss the Sketches innovation for SIGGRAPH 96: extended abstracts of published Sketches, in the Visual Proceedings.

David Ebert, SIGGRAPH 97 Sketches Chair, aims to double submissions and attendance. Remember: Sketches are designed to be inclusive, so please submit one or more to SIGGRAPH 97! Acceptance rates are much higher than in other SIGGRAPH programs.

Ken Musgrave
SIGGRAPH 96 Sketches Chair

Artist/Designer Sketches Committee
SIGGRAPH 97 Call for Participation - Sketches

Artworks Discussed

Dance of Death



Without a Special Object of Worship

Technology in Art

Gallery Guide

Telematic and Telepresence Installations

ParkBench Public-Access Kiosks

VOID: Performance

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