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SIGGRAPH 2002, San Antonio

Remember SIGGRAPH at the Alamo.*

These web pages were put together by six student volunteers to capture what it was like to be at SIGGRAPH in 2002. Of course, words and pictures cannot capture the feeling of trying new technologies in prototype form, or seeing graphics technologies that will be used in next year's movies, however we have a variety of articles on various aspects of SIGGRAPH. Our main mission was given to us by Leo Hourvitz, outgoing Director for Communications: "go out and have fun...and then write about it"

Alyn Rockwood, Chair for SIGGRAPH 2003 defined SIGGRAPH as people. To help capture that we have a selection of interviews from a tiny fraction of the people who made SIGGRAPH 2002 happen.

The ACM SIGGRAPH Reporters:
Ben Wyrick, Erin Callihan, Jessica Fernandes, Sanjay Mavinkurve, Tai-San Choo, and Wendy Ju.
Coordinator: Jan Hardenbergh

Copyright 2002 ACM/SIGGRAPH, jointly held with the authors


Everyone's fave: ET, aka, Electronic Theatre

San Antonio

The Fall of the Alamo in 1836


SIGGRAPH is the name of the show. ACM SIGGRAPH is the name of the organization.

Photos from SIGGRAPH 2002


Official SIGGRAPH Press Release about the conference.


Official SIGGRAPH 2002 Fact Sheets.


SIGGRAPH 2002 from a gamers point of view.


And a SIGGRAPH 2002 Report from Down Under.


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