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Conference Advisory Group

The objective of the ACM SIGGRAPH Conference Advisory Group (CAG) is to oversee multi-year and policy issues for the annual SIGGRAPH Conference. The CAG consists of the Conference Chairs for year N-1, N, N+1, and N+2, where N is the current year, the CAG Chair, two representatives from the ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee, and the ACM SIGGRAPH Chief Staff Executive.

The objectives of this CAG web site are to provide general information about the annual SIGGRAPH Conference and about the decision making that helps to shape the Conference. To find out more about a particular conference, please go to that Conference Page from the main ACM SIGGRAPH page.

The State of the SIGGRAPH Conference

The technical recession has affected SIGGRAPH but we still plan to put on the world's premier Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques Conference in San Diego next July.